What is a Community Loyalty Program?
Loyalty programs in general are a way for members to receive exclusive benefits while enabling business owners to recruit, reward and retain customers. The most popular types of loyalty programs are for travel, shopping and credit cards with features ranging from simple punch cards to complex rules to earn/redeem rewards. A Community Loyalty Program (also called a coalition or shared ), is when multiple businesses participating in a single program connected by a common community affiliation. Geography is the most common, but affiliation may also be by cause, hobby, interest, school, faith, club, team or any other group of like-minded individuals. Shop Newport Mesa connects not just individual and business members by geography, but also by our shared community affiliations with our area schools, teams, clubs and other youth development programs.
Why does shopping locally matter?

Your intuition about shopping local being good for the community is supported by an abundance of articles, books and studies: small-scale, locally owned businesses create communities that are more prosperous, entrepreneurial, connected and generally better off across a wide range of economic, social and environmental metrics. To learn more, please visit our Featured News post: Why Shop Local?

How does Shop Newport Mesa giveback to the nonprofit Support Newport Mesa?

At least 50% (and up to 100%) of all individual and business membership dues are donated to the nonprofit Support Newport Mesa to aid our area schools, arts, academics, athletics and other youth-related activities. In addition to financial support, Shop Newport Mesa also provides management and administration services so Support Newport Mesa may continue to be operated by an all-volunteer team with no paid staff.

Can a franchise or chain location join as a Business Member? 

At this time, the answer is maybe.

We review each such membership on a case by case basis and our policy periodically. Key considerations for our review are a) is the owner local and b) what is the extent of business commitment to our community beyond a straightforward business investment?

The Newport Mesa community is extremely fortunate and has benefited greatly from the generous giving back to our community by the local owners and/or senior management of restaurants, sandwich shops, car dealerships, banks, real estate offices, hardware stores, gas stations, hotels and more.

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I want to show my support for the community or my cause. How does Shop Newport Mesa help?

As an Individual Member, when you ‘check-in’ with your member ID at Business Member establishments, you identify yourself as a local that cares about supporting local businesses. By default, your Shop Newport Mesa membership associates you with the nonprofit Support Newport Mesa as a share of your dues go to local schools, teams and other youth activities. You may also login and update your account to show you support a specific local school, team or another youth group. While your personal information is not shared without your permission, Business Members receive summary reports of ‘check-ins’ that recap the causes (schools, teams, etc) supported by their customers.